How does Japan’s Treatment of the LGBT community compare to America’s?

Trevor returns to the show, where the three men discuss the nexus between Japan’s Yaoi and Yuri manga industry, gay culture, and the treatment of the queer community as compared to America!

To listen, click here!

Topics discussed for this episode include…

Audiences for Romance Manga

“Rotten Women”

Representation in Anime and Manga

American Boys Love Fandom

Creative Intent

Gendered Pokemon

Music Included: “We Todd Ed” from Lofi Villain by David Begun


Vlad Love is a Disaster

Togashi’s Trans Characters

Gaycation Episode 1: Japan

A Brief History of Yaoi

Yuri’s History and a Love-Suicide that Raised Awareness


Trooth’s Manga Cafe: Skullface Bookseller Honda-San

Marriage for All Japan

“Our organization supports lawsuits, legislating, and other legal activities to ensure the freedom of marriage for all with the goal of creating a society in which everyone is respected as an individual and free to live as they choose, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We engage in educational activities directed to corporations and the general public to promote a comprehensive understanding of sexual minorities.”

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