American Kung Fu Primer [PODCAST]

In this week’s With Eyes East podcast, the guys discuss American Kung Fu!

With Eyes East

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This month, Donovan Morgan Grant returns to provide an overview of the American kung fu movie, which is also the story of the evolution of the action scene and the United States’ cultural perception of China, Hong Kong, and Japan. We start at prehistory, before the advent of martial arts styles, and move through the watershed year of 1973 — challenge the conventional wisdom that that was the beginning — and continue onto the Golden Age and the resulting Doldrums, both pivoting around the rise and fall of The Matrix. Throughout, we introduce the careers of the action icons like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and whittle down a list of recommendations.

Viewing History

After preaching the good word of RRR, we reflect on the turning tide against Taika Waititi following a less-than-stellar reception to his latest Marvel outing.


Shinzo Abe, killed…

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