Appropriating The Matrix: How Can We Raise Young Men?

CW: References to Sexual Assault

This week the guys return to the discussion of the radicalization of young men, with the recent rise and arrest of Andrew Tate as their case study. Human Trafficking, delusional conspiracies and role models are all part of the stew that bubbles into a rare disagreement between hosts! Is the Matrix splitting QnoA apart?


To listen, click here


Topics for this Episode include…

Being raised online

The Realities of The Matrix


Dating Advice

Ideal Masculinity

Music Included: Karne Flattery by FlyloDOOM, Avatar the Last Airbender Theme Song, More Queso by FlyloDOOM


The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate: VICE Documentary

The Violent World of Andrew Tate

Who is Andrew Tate

Why are Internet’s Nastiest Men Obsessed with the Matrix?

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