Why is Law & Order Still on TV? (Why is Blue Bloods Still on TV ROUND 2)

This week the guys revisit the recent topic of police procedurals a.k.a. Copaganda, looking at a recent episode of the newly revived Law & Order franchise. When such media attack the very industry they exist to valorize, how much stretch of road is there left to explore and expand?

To listen, click here

Topics for this episode include…

The New Law and Order

What you won’t see Mehcad Brooks’ character doing

Jeffery Donovan

Ranking the various Cop shows

Music Included: “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Theme Song” by Mike Post, “Crew Love” by The Weeknd (sans Drake version)


Last Week Tonight: Law and Order

Mehcad Brooks on playing Shaw

Mehcad Brooks on L&O Season 22 Episode 15

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