The Manager, Please

In the leadup to our next episode, as yet without Question, I thought we’d try something a little different. An occasional feature on Vice Games takes the form of correspondence between two or more writers working out an idea, just the publication of an email thread. Because I need your help with some preliminary thoughts, I felt this format might suit us here. Also, it hearkens back to the very origin of our podcast, if you remember how we traded ideas on the first Google doc. If this ends up going nowhere or you’re not feeling it, obviously we can keep it published to Gmail, but otherwise I’d like to open it to our audience. I’ll take any perspective, and as much experience/expertise as possible. To the business — I need you to poke holes in a frantic theory. … More The Manager, Please

What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

This week, Donovan and Son Ha-ri watch a down-home favorite: Death Wish III. Join them as they grapple with the Big Questions which spin out of a movie that should be the worst in the world, but simply is not. It’s a film whose politics badly intersect with their lives as a young black male and a time traveling history student respectively, but whose gleaming surface stirs memories of beloved cult classics like Commando and Judge Dredd. Fellas, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride (no girls allowed). … More What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

Re: Reboots

Donovan Morgan Grant and Harrison Chute are joined by Peter Last Name of Dead Times to cry about an unusual shade of Hollywood’s blasted psyche: the reboot. For some, a blessing, for others, a curse upon this cursed Earth — unless it’s Dredd. … More Re: Reboots

Escaping 2019: The Final

The trilogy is complete! Donovan and I (me, hi, Harrison) start off with honorable and dishonorable mentions before diving back into the TOP FIVE. For the most part, we track in-character — I start out with a couple “aren’t women so cool” blah, blah, blah whatever, and Donovan is brought back to an impossible place, a forgotten place, with a triumphant return for Steven Universe in a three-pronged attack (trident formation). But then things get a little twisty-turny, a little Neon Genesis Evangelion, and you’ll just have to see how we recount the recent transformations in our lives, shaped as we are by invisible forces (streaming on Netflix). … More Escaping 2019: The Final

Escaping 2019: Day 1

Looks like it’s that time again! Well, 2019 was a checkerboard of emotions, in that some squares were sad, some squares were angry. The key is to play your pieces correctly, turning some of those squares into happiness, or at least diversion. Perhaps that’s Chinese checkers. Regardless, Donovan and I (me, Harrison) are both big believers in the power of media, be it healing or escape or education. Big talk for John Wick 3, maybe, but don’t get me started. Or do, rather, as herein, cases will be made, tears will be shed, invites to play will be sent. … More Escaping 2019: Day 1

Am I [M] Ready for a Relationship?

How do we know when we’re ready to not manipulate, dismiss, lie to, degrade, physically assault the people we’re dating? No, it’s not a given we won’t do those things. It’s a given we will. Is there some sort of test we can administer to ourselves in advance of agreeing to the next privacy policy? This week, Donovan and Harrison are joined by special guest Ashley Peterson, to reflect on relationships past and present and discuss their difficulties and developments with emotional maturity. … More Am I [M] Ready for a Relationship?