Year End Review 2021 Part I

It’s the end of the year, so we’re recounting the ten best works of media we experienced — movies, TV shows, books — and this time with a twist! Donovan and Harrison are joined by Stella of Batgirl to Oracle, who would’ve figured into the backstories of a number of entries anyway. Donovan starts us off with notes on two legends, the recently departed screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto and comics artist George Perez, diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. From there, we cover the things we missed before starting with our Top Ten lists, and then taking a detour to discuss a key Worst of the Year. … More Year End Review 2021 Part I

2020 Coda, Part II: The Simple Things

On night two of two, Donovan (and not Harrison, not even) express a fondness for all things wonderful — nostalgic things, childhood crushes, modern crushes, The Most Beautiful Woman on the Planet, Tifa Lockhart, and a YouTube argumentsman. As usual, it gets weird (Donovan’s fault, of course). Well, what does Theodore Sturgeon’s Law say…? … More 2020 Coda, Part II: The Simple Things