Catch-All #3: Cartoons, K-Pop and Conservatives – THE CANCELLING

Begrudgingly returning to the topic of Cancel Culture, the guys speedrun the latest playlist of topics, hoping to be on the opposite side of things for once. No points for guessing how long that works out…

To listen…click here!

Topics inflicted upon Donovan and Harry include…

Cartoon Consent

The Future of the NBA Film Industry

Current Events in K-Pop Kulture

How Should We Remember Rush Limbaugh?

Michelle Trachtenberg said what now???

Music Included: “Something’s Missing” by The Internet


Charisma Carpenter Speaks Out

Twitter Liberals Celebrate Limbaugh Death

Gina Carano Fired

Vaush on Dr. Seuss

Double Toasted on Pepe LePew

Double Toasted on Dr. Seuss

Contrapoints: J.K. Rowling

Interview with Ron Lamothe on “The Political Dr. Seuss”

The Pepe LePew Scene cut from Space Jam 2

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