2020 Coda, Part I: The Death of 2020

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On night one of two, we start off our 2020 Year in Review (that rhymes) with a check-in on su dos hostos before we slide into honorable mentions. From there, we cover our top ten lists from #10 to #6. (Check out Donovan’s body here).

This episode features

And the Emmy goes to…

Hey, Mando!

Cinema non grata

There goes the neighborhood


This is photoshopped. I have many years of experience and can tell by the pixels.

Runtime: [03:54:19]

Music Selection
Eyes Locked, Hands Locked,” by Red Velvet (a Christmas song)
The Mandalorian Main Theme,” by Ludwig Goransson
BONUS: “Orc Cop

And introducing film festival darling, Shadow:

Next Time on Questions: We Don’t Have Answers…

What rhymes with “pimp” but means the opposite?

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