Why Do We Like the Things We Like?

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QNA goes In Treatment as Donovan and Harrison interview one on another on the origins of their tastes. Is it about what we were exposed to at a young age, what our friends and peers value? What does our media say about us, and why is media meaningful?

Ahead of the recording, we each listed ten things that we like, and on the podcast, Host A chooses three (initially five, but cut for time) from Host B’s list and asks “Why do you like this?” and vice versa, for the purpose of randomness and honest soul-searching.

The Board

Harrison Donovan
  1. Robots
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Cities / architecture
  4. Red Velvet
  5. Fast Karate for the Gentleman
  6. Military aesthetics / masks
  7. Homestar Runner
  8. Space opera
  9. Keanu Reeves
  10. Spotlight
  1. Batman
  2. The ’90s
  3. The Simpsons (classic)
  4. Emotional Violence in Storytelling (IDK how to describe it :P)
  5. AMVs
  6. Legacy Storytelling
  7. Street Fighter/DBZ
  8. Cyberpunk
  9. David Tennant
  10. Collateral
Harrison’s Dislikes! Donovan’s Dislikes!
  1. Cars (not the movie)
  2. “Overrated” movies (past a certain popularity threshold)
  3. Non-scifi anime
  4. Fantasy / Harry Potter
  1. Drinking
  2. Bandwagoning
  3. Reality Shows
  4. Agenda-Driven Storytelling
  5. The South


Hey, girl

Music Selection: “Shiki No Uta,” by Nujabes feat. MINMI

Runtime: [03:07:07]

Further Reading
The Batman Universe, Donovan Grant
Robocop 2: The Robot

The Simpsons Writers Reunite with Conan O’Brien

AMVs, QNA’s Choice

Death Squad,” by Pertubator (Ghost in the Shell)
The Unforgiven,” by Metallica (Berserk)
Forces,” by Susumu Hirasawa (Berserk)

Scream on Em” by The Game (Dragon Ball Z)

Knight” by Earl Sweatshirt feat. Domo Genesis (The End of Evangelion)

Suicidal Thoughts” by Notorious BIG (Akira)

WORLD$TAR MONEY” by Joji (A Goofy Movie)

Wish” by Trippie Redd (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

Red Velvet Primer

Be Natural,” (Irene & Seulgi)
This is a great piece from early on, before Red Velvet proper. It’s just Irene and Seulgi, and they’re doing an extremely

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 ‘빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)’ MV” (Music Video)
This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever heard. And the video is so surreal, it’s like they’re selling hand soap.

Red Velvet: A Mess™ #3 | 레드벨벳” (V-Live Stream Edit)
In which cute girls act cute?


Next week on Questions: We Don’t Have Answers…


Forget it, Jake.

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