Are there Boundaries in Music?


This week the guys talk about music, specifically rap music (finally) and how some artists must be qualified. Are White Rappers “guests” in the rap game? How can Hip-Hop as a culture be protected?

To listen…click here!

Topics including the following…

Defining “guests”

Image result for lord jamar dj vlad

Where Hip-Hop is going

Image result for white rappers

Beyonce at the CMAs

Image result for Beyonce at the CMAs

“Alternative” Hip-Hop

Image result for gorillaz rap

The origin of MF DOOM


Music included: “The Gas Face” by 3rd Bass feat. Zev Lov X


“Lord Jamar: Eminem is no different than Macklemore”

Travis Twitt on Beyonce at CMAs

Think Beyonce doesn’t belong at the CMAs? You don’t know country

Boosie Disagrees with Eminem being a guest in Hip-Hop

Common: “I don’t think Whites are ‘guests’ in Hip-Hop”

“Grandmaster Caz on Who is really a ‘guest’ in Hip-Hop”

Black Lifestyle in Japan

Buckshot: “How is Rap a ‘black thing’?”

Nore: “Eminem is our Elvis”


Next Episode..!

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