Escaping 2018: Year End Top Ten Lists (Part 1)


The end is nigh! The guys go over the first half of their top ten lists of things they enjoyed throughout 2018, including some things they didn’t and honorable mentions.

To listen…click here!

Topics included…

K-Pop chic


DC vs Marvel vs Netflix


Sex Education

Sports Manga and the attraction of fisticuffs


The ferocity of Michelle Yeoh


Music Featured: “Hi High” by LOONA, “Mosquito” by Red Velvet, “Ai, Oboete Imasu ka” by Mari Iijima, “Idaho” by Open Mike Eagle, and “Tron Song” and “Evangelion” by Thundercat

Further Recommendations:

Brain Craft

Philosophy Tube

Lindsey Ellis


Anime Crimes Division

To be continued..!



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