How Do You Translate International Pop Culture?

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cardcaptor sakura

This episode is also known as: SUBS vs. DUBS (but not really)

Special Guest Star Kelly returns for the second in an accidental nerd duology, in which three unrepentant weebs discuss the complications of importing and exporting works of entertainment, how these cultural exports are tweaked for international sensibilities, accessibility, and even censorship. For the record, this is not a podcast episode about how to literally translate pop culture. For information on that process check out this article on anime dubbing.

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As I discover, The Irishman is not about the Irish mob. But HOLY SHIT you can watch Joint Security Area for FREE right here, on Tubi! I know on the podcast I said it was good or whatever, but it’s actually possibly my favorite movie.

Next time on Questions: We Don’t Have Answers…


WHO IS BEST GIRL?? (I’m just kidding. We don’t have a topic yet)

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